Gypsy Reel – Shake a Leg

Shake a Leg is Gypsy Reel’s 6th Album, released in 2002

  1. Gypsy Reel - Shake a LegShake A Leg / The Web / A Surfeit of Lampreys
  2. Captain Leopold
  3. Tessalation Reel / Totley Reel / The Diver
  4. The Banks of Ponchartrain
  5. The Road to Peristeras / The Anenome
  6. Blackhawk
  7. The Breakfast Jig / The Priestess / Monaghan Jig
  8. One World
  9. Miss Hamiltons
  10. Next to Me
  11. Reels – Union Street Session / Fishermans Island / Hunter’s House / Toss the Feathers
The Road to Peristeras, The Anenome & The Diver

The Road to Peristeras, The Anenome and The Diver were written by Jon, whilst on holiday on the island of Crete.  Peristeras is the name of a Hill immediately to the east of the town of Ierapetra beyond which are lots of nice beaches where anenome shells can frequently be found by diving down to the bottom of the sea only a a couple of metres below.

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