Gypsy Reel – Live from Vermont

Live from Vermont is Gypsy Reel’s 5th Album and the first to be recorded live

  1. Gypsy Reel - Live from VermontCrested hens
  2. Gypsy Reel / Breakwater Boys Breakdown
  3. Two sisters
  4. Susanna Martin / Reels: Eddie Kelly’s / Tommy Coen’s / Bridgewater Corners
  5. Newry town
  6. The Lexy set
  7. Mother Goose
  8. Jealousy
  9. Reels: The fly fishing reel / McIllhatton’s reel / Jean’s reel
  10. The ghost of you walks
  11. Sonny’s dream
  12. Eleanor Rigby
  13. Living in the snow
  14. Reels: Union Street session / Toss the feathers

You can listen to Live from Vermont on Spotify

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