Gypsy Reel – Red Red Rose

Red Red Rose is Gypsy Reel’s 8th album, released in 2006

  1. Red Red RoseGabriel / Heatwave
  2. Ross Memorial Hospital
  3. Sweetness of Mary / Carignan Reel / Mouth of the Tobique
  4. White Rabbit
  5. Pettigo
  6. Arther McBride / Cherish the Ladies
  7. My Baby’s Gone
  8. Planxty Eleanor Plunkett
  9. Battle of Aughrim / Napoleon Crossing the Alps / Waiting for the Federals
  10. Turning Away
  11. Red Red Rose
  12. Leaving Brittany / Pernod Waltz
  13. Always Bend / Jesu Joys of Man’s Desire
  14. We Can Work It Out / Mersey Jig

Red Red Rose is available on CD or as a digital download from Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes.  You can listen to Red Red Rose on Spotify

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